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Before You Hire a Credit Repair Company, READ THIS!


credit repair picI wanted to take the time to talk about the credit repair industry. I have never really been a big believer in the credit repair industry. They have gotten a lot of negative press and there is a clear reason for that. It’s extremely easy to repair your credit on your own and I’ve never felt there was a need to pay someone $500, $1000 or $1200 to get things remove from your credit report. There are great do-it-yourself systems out there like Credit Repair Solutions, Credit Repair Doctor and other so there is no longer a need to ever use a credit repair person or company. All you need to do is invest a little time in research, watch a few videos, and very soon, you will know all that they know.

I love the credit repair guy that says “You should let me fix your credit because I have, at one point, totally ruined my credit. I fixed mine so let me fix yours”. Think about this for a minute. Is this really the guy you want to hand over all of your personal information and your entire financial future to? HELL NO! (excuse my language) Absolutely Not! If you are not mildly interested in figuring out the best way to get a good credit report and good credit score, yourself, then you probably shouldn’t waste your money on a credit repair person [or company].

A Couple of Credit Repair Suggestions

My suggestion to you would to be to get with a good loan officer (especially if you are looking into purchasing something ie house, car, etc) who is educated in these things. Plus, a loan officer will probably know a whole lot more about repairing your credit than the typical credit repair company because they get loans for people on the daily. Not only that, they have great access to an expedited system that the repositories have set up. With that being said, anything that a credit repair person can do over the next 2-4 months, a good loan officer with a great credit bureau can get done in under a week. They really are helpful, I know first hand. When I purchased my 2nd home, the loan officer was great and held my hand through the process.

Another suggestion I have, like I mentioned earlier, would to be to look in good DIY system like Credit Repair Solution or Credit Repair Doctor. I have seen credit scores go up 100-200 points in a week using these systems. These credit repair systems are developed by credit specialists and experts. They know exactly how to repair your credit and will teach you the legal and ethic way to do so. I recommend friends, family, clients and associates of all kinds to system like these everyday. They are really useful.

Hope this help!!



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