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5 Simple Credit Repair Tips


credit repair tips picHere’s a few simple diy credit repair tips to help you improve your credit history and credit worthiness.

Credit Repair Tips: 1. Reviewing your credit report at least every six months or more often will keep you aware of changes that can hurt or help your credit reading score.

Credit Repair Tips: 2. Identify your balance for credit limit for each of your accounts. Sometimes creditors will drop your credit limit based upon changes to report data or even changes in the economy or bank policies.

Credit Repair Tips 3. Identify which accounts have reported you of being 30, 60 or 90 days late or have entered other data that can damage your rating.

Credit Repair Tips 4. Identify accounts that have been close by you that do not show as closed. Any account, including accounts which were never reported as “late”, that shows account close by a credit granter are interpreted as a negative account as it implies the account was closed for some undisclosed reason.

Credit Repair Tips 5. Scrutinize all personal data including common variations of your name. A person named Robert Jones may also be known as Bobby Jones or Bob Jones. Look for variations of names that are not common or familiar to you.

Once you’re done reviewing your credit report, write a letter to the bureaus or creditors telling them what information is inaccurate. Explain why you were disputing the item and requested that it be corrected or removed.

These are a few credit repair tips you can use to get things moving. Of course there’s a little more to it once you get into throws of things. I always suggest using a credit repair system like Credit Repair Solutions for individuals that feel a bit overwhelmed and want can save tons of time and energy. These systems work really fast and I’ve seen credits scores jump over 200 points when using them. Click here to check out a few reviews I did on the best credit repair systems.

Things to remember when using these credit repair tips

– If it doesn’t help you, it hurts you. Often people believe that a high credit score is achieved by having numerous accounts with numerous creditors, which often is not true. Keep it simple and keep it trimmed to a few good accounts.

– Most cases of identity theft are discovered only when they get a bill for things they did not purchase or loan they never applied for. Identity thieves are most commonly people who know the victim, such as a parent, child, friend or coworker.

– There is no such thing as a positive account was a collection agency or a public record. Third-party collection accounts, judgments, liens and bankruptcies are always negative regardless of paid off or not. Paying off these accounts does not change them from negative to positive.

– If you think you have no credit were credit history, think again. Many people believe that if they never applied for a credit card or loan, or because they have no debt, that they do not have a credit history. The mobile phone company, the landlord, the utility companies, student loan companies and employers all review your credit history to determine if you are you say you are and if you pay your debts on time.

– Use responsible behavior and make responsible purchases. Live within your means. Purchase only what you know that you can repay within the shortest time possible. Just because you are approved for $50,000 car loan and can afford the $500 month payment doesn’t mean the car is affordable, you may need to see bigger numbers in your check  stub.

As always, hope this helps!

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